Monday, August 8, 2011

Orcs & Goblins Army for Sell....Huge Lot

With Fantasy being low on my "games I want to play list" I have finally decided to let go of my largest army.  I started playing Orcs and Goblins 8 years ago and amassed this huge horde.  I have lost countless games with them and won very few.  I suck at Fantasy and have for a couple of editions.  I haven't played any 8th yet, so I decided to get this army on to someone who can enjoy it.  I thought I would put the pics up on here first before loading up my Ebay account, selling unit by unit.  

I have closeups of all units in the army shown below.  I think the pics are good enough that I won't have to describe each picture.  There are several conversions and some mixed units of old and new models.  Also, the movement trays are made from 18 ga galvanized steel with balsa wood edges.  I made them out of steel so I could magnetize the models for ease of transport.  A few of the units I actually got around to magnetizing, but don't remember which.  Scroll down and check it out.  My email is at bottom if you're interested in any of the units/characters.  I would prefer to sell units as they are arranged, so I don't have any odd-numbered units when I get to putting them on Ebay.

There it is, the army I took years to build, but never have time or want to play with.  I will also be posting up my Lizardmen army soon before hitting the Ebay with them.

After seeing the new Ogre Kingdom models, I know that will be my one army I get for 8th edition.  I already have several thousand pts built and will definitely be adding some of the new beasts to it.  At least then I will have a Fantasy army to game with if I have the desire.  

If you would like to work out something on any of the units, or have any questions about something shown above, shoot me an email at ctreleheb AT  Also, if you didn't see my last post and are interested in starting Warmachine, I have a huge lot of models for sell that you should check out.  They will be hitting Ebay very soon.  If anyone is uncomfortable buying through the blog I will be posting links to my auctions as I put them up to remind anyone wanting that type of transaction.


  1. Are these Litko movement trays or home made? I've always wanted to do similar for my O&G, but without the equipment it seemed difficult to pull off.

  2. These are home made trays. I work at a steel fab shop, so I just rounded up some small drops and sheared them up during lunch one day. They work great, especially the magnetized ones with tiny rare earth magnets. Much better than cheap magnetic sheets or the super thin stuff you can get at Lowe's for trim work. But with this thick you really need some type of shear to make any progress. This size is able to be cut with hand shears, just give you quick case of Carpal Tunnel.

    I have a lot of extras at home just sheared into most used sizes and can make more anytime if you're interested in some. I had all the regiments calculated to sizes that included the balsa and a little wiggle room. This made it easy to make more when needed.