Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Warmachine Models Must Go

Epic Magnus - SOLD

Found a few more Warmachine models to post up that I will be selling.  Most of these are mercs.  I will be posting on Ebay soon, so you can wait for that(I'll post the links), or email me at ctreleheb AT gmail.com and we can discuss a deal.  Look back a couple posts if you haven't already to see more things I have to offer at 30+% off retail and better if you want more than one item.

I couldn't find a picture of the model in my files, but I also have a Karchev the Terrible warcaster for Khador for sell also.  He is mostly built without paint.  I can get a pic of the actual model if you wanted to see its condition.

 Mangler - Built and Primed - SOLD

 Mangler - Unbuilt - SOLD

 Mule - Unbuilt - SOLD

 Renegade - Built - SOLD

 Renegade - Partially Built - SOLD

 Talon - Partially built - Stripped - SOLD

Talon - Partially Built - SOLD

That's it for now, until I take pics of the Lizardmen and random 40k stuff.  Once I get everything up, I will start slowly putting on Ebay(slow because I hate doing it), and post the links to those auctions.

I have thought about using Bartertown instead, but just have no experience with it.  Anyone else sell or trade anything on there and have good/bad experiences?

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  1. I have had one amazingly good exchange on bartertown and several who flaked out before money was exchanged. I would rate my Bartertown experience as average. I know several guys that swear by bartertown over any other exchange site. It boils down to case by case.
    If you just want cash I would suggest Ebay. If you are willing to trade then Bartertown is your place.