Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who Knew the Miniatures World was so Big.

I saw a contest going on over at Tabletop Fix and saw the great prizes and knew I should enter.  Anyone who has found my tiny blog will already know about this site and all the great pics they put up showing off miniatures from companies other than the Big Two(GW & PP).  However, if you haven't seen the site, I recommend adding them to your blog roll or whatever and check out all the new posts.

I honestly didn't know there were so many miniature companies out there until I added Tabletop Fix to my blogroll.  Many of these are producing awesome kits that will compete with any companies minis.  So, instead of finding all these companies sites for yourself and checking in with them all the time, just check Tabletop Fix and everything you need to see coming will be there.

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