Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Want New Stuff, Selling Lots of Stuff Cheap.....Warmachine

Big Angry Behemoth....Fully Built - $42 - SOLD

It's time I finally got around to getting some pics of stuff I want need to get rid of.  I hate posting up on ebay so I thought I would throw pics up here on the blog to offer up some good deals for you fine folk.  Hopefully, this will save me from spending tons of time on ebay, so they can take half my money with fees.  I know some people frown upon others selling things on their blog, but hey Ebay sucks and I promise you'll get a better deal here since I don't have to account for fees and time.  You can check my ebay seller rating at username ctreleheb, and I have sold models through the blog in the past and was left positive feedback in the comments.  http://theminiaturesideofme.blogspot.com/2010/07/want-new-stuff-selling-new-stuffwh-dh.html

Today, all the stuff I have posted up is from a trade I did for some Warmachine a while back.  It all consists of Khador and mercenaries.  In a couple days I'll be posting up lots more stuff I need to move, including my 13,000 pt fully built Orcs & Goblin Fantasy Army, as well as lots of Lizardmen stuff and a few 40k things.  If you know anyone interested in any of these armies tell them to check it out later in the week.  Scroll down and check out all the Warmachine up for now.

 Epic Butcher in pieces...partially painted by friend - $15 - SOLD

Berzerker Fully Built....Arm Broken off, needs pinning - $15 - SOLD

Marauder...unbuilt - $20 - SOLD

 Another Marauder....unbuilt - $20 - SOLD

Man-O-War Demo Corps....Fully Built - $ 12 - SOLD

 Devastator....fully built - $28  - SOLD

Devil Dogs....Built and primed....I think 2 bits/weapons are missing - $ 18 - SOLD

Juggernaut....Fully Built - $20

Greylords Ternion.....Fully Built - $12 -SOLD

3 Iron Fang Uhlans...Fully Built, shields separate for painting - $44 - SOLD

Irusk...Partially Built and Painted  - $6 - SOLD

Jozef Something..Fully Built & Primed - $7 - SOLD

WinterGuard Mortar Crew....Fully Built -$13 - SOLD

WinterGuard Mortar Crew....Fully Built -$13- SOLD

 Nomad Parts - $20 - SOLD

Another Nomad in Parts -$20 - SOLD

 Another Nomad...Partially Assembled....Been Stripped - $20 - SOLD

Spriggan....Fully Built & Primed & Partially Painted  - $ 26 - SOLD

2 Rocketeers......Fully Built - $6 each - 1 LEFT - SOLD

2 Man-O-War Shocktroopers....Fully Built - $25 - SOLD

2 more Man-O-War Shocktroopers....Fully Built, Left one Axe Broken, Bit is lost - $20 - SOLD

Spriggan Parts - $26 - SOLD

Witch and Scrapjack....Partially Built - $20 - SOLD

Vanguard..Partially Built and Primed - $16

Winter Guard Infantry Unit....8 models, Fully Built  - $26 - SOLD

Another Winter Guard Infantry Unit....8 models, Fully Built - $26 - SOLD

Those are all the Warmachine models I have for sell right now.  All pics are of the actual models you would be receiving if you purchased them.  I put a price by each picture description that will be around 30% off retail, unless a part is missing and they will be cheaper.  If you want a large lot of these I will do better than that and in some cases will include shipping.  I can only ship on Fridays and Saturdays due to work schedule, so if you want something soon, it would be best to make a deal before then so I can get them packaged up and shipped out in timely manner.  

If you have been wanting to try Warmachine, now is the time to get a good army started cheap.  Email me at ctreleheb  AT  gmail.com.  Let me know which models you would like to take off my hands and we can make a deal on price and shipping.  I can ship worldwide, but it may take me a couple of days to get you a shipping price.  Also, I will only accept Paypal for these transactions, as it protects both of us.

Edit:  I have MK II cards for most of the Khador stuff.

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