Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Project DeathGuard: Obliterator Conversion Pics

Finally, I have finished conversion and assembly of my 3 obliterators. These models are the first I have used greenstuff on besides just gapfilling of large models. Took me 3 days to get these models finished due to dry time of greenstuff between parts. Still I do not feel very comfortable behind the sculpting tool, but I hope to get better with some practice. Below are some pics of the models before basing and priming.

Now that these are finished, ready for paint, I am hoping to make some progress on my plague marines. I finally finished making up enough backpacks to get through my first 40+ models. So far ready for prime for this army I have Typhus, 7 PlagueBearers(Summoned Lesser Daemons), Great Unclean One(Summoned Greater Daemon), and these 3 Obliterators. I'm waiting on a Forgeworld order so I can start my terminators and dreadnought.


  1. What are the fungal growths on the backs made out of?

  2. Those are looking great I also modded my Oblits but just the heads, should have / might do more as I like the way yours look and will fit in better with my Nurgle army.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. For the Typhus-like growths on the back I used 1/8" plasti-tube. To get the ends to flair out I used a lighter held and inch or so away and it just happened like that, you can see the black ones I got to close to the tube. After a few seconds of cooling time I would cut the end off to length then start another. After that it was just add a blob of greenstuff and press them in before using a sculpting tool to make it more cohesive.

  4. Nice stuff, they look really good.