Monday, April 27, 2009

List of My Armies

Soon I am going to start posting army list summaries for some of the armies I currently own along with pics of some units or models in that army. While very few of my models are painted I do have alot built as I have more time for this than for painting. Usually I build the entire army to the point where I have pretty much all options available in codex for many varied army lists, then start building another army. I have no game stores close by and usually only play against a couple different people so I like to have everything built so I can use a different army list each time I play. Below I am just gonna list the armies I have for each game system with a model count for each. Later I will post exactly what each army consists of.

Warhammer 40,000
Imperial Guard: Catachans(200+ models)
Imperial Guard: Cadians(125+ models)
Imperial Guard: Valhallans(200+ models)
Imperial Guard: Steel Legion(125+ models)
Imperial Guard: Tanks(36 models)
Kroot Mercenaries(200+ models)
DaemonHunters(140+ models)
Witchhunters(250+ models)
Tyranids(160+ models)
Chaos: Plague Marines(100+ models)
Chaos: NightLords(80+ models)
Chaos: Red Corsairs(30+ models)
Space Marines: Crimson Fists(400+ models)
Space Orks(100+ models)

Warhammer Fantasy
Beasts of Chaos(90+ models)
Ogre Kingdoms(75+ models)
Wood Elves(100+ models)
Lizardmen(175+ models)
Orcs & Goblins(775+ models)

Blood Bowl



With so many models to work on, I keep a detailed inventory of every model I have"in stock" so when I start enjoying a new codex or book I'm reading I can go ahead and write an army lists from the models I own and know which models I need to purchase. As you can see, having over 4000 models in my collection is a little daunting. Think about building and painting one model a day, it would take me almost 12 years to finish this. And being the fool I am, I still buy models as the new codexes come out. As for codexes and books, I also have all of them since 3rd edition(even if I have no interest in playing them), I know, ridiculous. Soon I will start posting more details for each of these armies, as well as my current project DeathGuard that will be fully logged from building and yes painting and onto the tabletop.


  1. That is quite a collection. A little weak in Blood bowl though. I expect more than 5 teams. Do you at least have multiple verisons of some teams? For example you could have 4 different ork teams like I do( 2nd edition plastic, 2nd edition lead, 3rd edition plastic, 3rd edition metal).

    400 Crimson Fists is probably more than the whole chapter is currently supposed to half.

  2. yeah I would like to add a team of the newest humans to my blood bowl collection. and about the crimson fists I did go a little overboard, though I still have plans for more transports and droppods

  3. Wow! Are they all painted?

  4. sorry but no most are not painted. most of the catachans and ig tanks, 3000 pts of orcs & goblins, a blood bowl team and a delaque gang are and then a few test models. im hoping this blog will kick me into doing more on the painting side instead of just the modeling side.