Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting Started, First Post

First blog, first post. I wanted to make this page as a way to showcase some of the armies and models that I build, convert, and paint for my wargaming hobby. The majority of the models I build and play with are for Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Though I do have a couple Necromunda Gangs, a couple Mordheim Warbands, a couple Blood Bowl Teams, and even a few Lord of the Ring models that I thought looked good. Most of my models I have owned for years, most purchased when I worked for GW, however I have been adding new models to my collection as they are released for the armies I play.
On this blog I plan on posting the armies I currently have built in between posts of my newest project Deathguard army. I want my work in progress posts to show each step of my conversions, if any, and my painting style. Usually I just build most of my models the way GW intended because they do a great job with their models, however with my Deathguard army I plan some converting and greenstuff use. As for the greenstuff, this will be my first attempts at this and I figure what better army to practice on than Deathguard. I feel like I really can't screw them up. This army is already past the planning stage and into the beginnings of building and converting. Next post will outline my plans for the army starting at 1500 pts, up to the apocalypse size that I have planned.

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