Saturday, April 18, 2009

Deathguard: Some Early WIP pics

As said in earlier posts, I have been planning this army for several years, but am just finalizing plans and starting my models now. After organizing the models I have and writing an army list so I'll know what models are still to purchase, I have begun to build the first few models. I have plans for a few conversions and some putty work to alter the metal models enough to make them a creation of mine, while still keeping the model intact. Most of my work on the basic plague marines will be centered on the backpacks of each model and the banners of the champions, which will be my personal icons for the units. Below is a picture of 3 of my backpack varieties I am adding to the plague marines. The middle model is my first champion and he is the only mostly complete model I have. He has the hoses going from the barrel to his body that I have planned for all models. The others are just to show what my base backpack will be before adding hoses, filling the barrels with pus and sculpting them to the bodies. More pics will come later as I actually get these models based and complete, ready for paint.

I hope the pic shows how these models in the very early stages of development will eventually become a unique deathguard army. Next time maybe some pics of the obliterator I have been sculpting on today.

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