Thursday, June 11, 2009

2009 40k 'Ardboyz Tournament

This may be old news, but yesterday I was surfing the GW site and found the dates for the upcoming 40k 'Ardboyz Tournament and got pretty excited. I have missed the last two due to not having an army I was excited about playing built in time. Although the prelims are on my wife's birthday I think I may actually get to try it this year. Only this time I have a different dilemma, which army to play. I have recently built a huge Space Marine army and am making good progress with Project DeathGuard. I don't know if I want to add some more points to my 1500pt list of Project DeathGuard or add to my Khan led 1500pt all outflanking Space Marine list posted previously. Anyone have any opinions on which I should choose and what to add to these lists to make them more competitive. I have a decent idea of what I think I should add but would appreciate some other opinions. Here are my ideas. Add to Project DeathGuard two vindicators, another winged prince, greater deamon, and either LR with nurgle termies or 2 units of 10 CSM in rhinos. Add to Khan army Librarian Tigurius for reserve help and thats about as far as I've gotten with this one.

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