Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Project DeathGuard: Forgeworld Package Arrives

Finally, yesterday I came home and my wife handed me a small box full of Forgeworld goodies that I had ordered over a month ago. Opening the box I found that the models were even greater in person than they look on the website. I have a few ForgeWorld tanks for my Imperial Guard, a Grey Knight Dread and a Night Lords Dread and would like to have a lot more. It is a rare occasion that I actually order anything from them, but felt I wanted to make my DeathGuard army a little special. So I ordered the DeathGuard Dreadnought with the huge banner on top. To this I added the twin-linked lascannon Nurgle arm and the close combat arm with the long claws. This model is awesome and I can't wait to start building it. I also ordered two of the Nurgle Sorcerer models, one of which I plan on building as ForgeWorld intended, and the other I wanna convert to have a powerfist. Both of these will of course get the barrel backpack treatment to match the rest of my army. Also included in this order were two packs of the Nurgle Terminator torsos, well seven of them at least, the other 3 are going to the Ebay soon. These will add some great Nurgle goodness to the army.
I have my first 1500 point list primed and attempted a test model. The results were less than spectacular so he was reprimed and is awaiting test number two. Now if I can keep my hands off the ForgeWorld bits I hope to get him painted again by the weekend and get a pic up soon after that. Also over the past weekend I built a few Nightlord models to flesh out my units to 10 and built 3 terminators for Abaddon's retinue as well as a Nightlord Terminator Lord.


  1. after i saw the blight drone i looked into buying a nurgle army

    and after linking to your site from BOLS i'm totally sold, what awesome and if i dare say simple conversions. these are goig to look amazing with some paint slapped on.

    in particular i love those barrels on the side of the rhino, brilliant idea, it actually mirrors the barrel full of puss on the FW nurgle demon Prince, and obviously many more nurgle units.

    i will follow this with great interest

  2. also great choice with the FW dread, its so cool i wouldnt even consider a nurgle force without one :)