Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Project DeathGuard: Paint Scheme Finalized

I know I'm posting my finalized paint scheme after the test models are finished but I didn't know my final color choices until a model was finished. Even so, some of the things will be varied as I get bored or change my mind on slight color variations throughout the project. Usually I paint my models(marine models anyways) in a clean, line highlighted style with ink wash glazes to tone down and blend the lines. I started with a layered highlight style on the first test model, then began to use more of a long brushstroke method on the second to give the armor kind of a woodgrain effect. This is easier to do on the legs than elsewhere, so that is where this style is more prominent on the champion. I usually am not a fan of this painted style of plague marine, but now that it is on my models it is growing on me a little bit.

Since I haven't painted in a few years I decided to pick up the new wash set from GW and give it a try instead of my inks I was used to. At first I didn't like them to much because they just seemed to be a really watered down version of the ink I'm used to and forced me to wash, wait, wash, wait, wash, etc. So, I have compromised and am using inks on some parts where I want a quick shade and washes on other parts where a gradual buildup of washes looks better. Okay on with the color selections.

Basecoat Catachan Green leaving black in recesses
Highlight Catachan Green : Camo Green (1:1)
Highlight Catachan Green : Camo Green (1:2)
Highlight Camo Green
Wash multiple times with Devlan Mud

Armor Trim, Weapon Metal, Misc. Metal Bitz
Basecoat Boltgun Metal
Wash with watered down Brown Ink(armor trim)
Wash with Badab Black(bolter metal)
Wash with Thraka Green(swords all of above)

Skin, Exposed Brains, Guts, etc.
Basecoat Ice Blue
Highlight Ice Blue : Skull White (1:1)
Highlight Skull White
Wash Asurmen Blue

Bolters/Red Bitz
Basecoat Scorched Brown : Scab Red (1:2)
Highlight Scab Red
Highlight Scab Red : Blood Red (1:1)
Wash Badab Black
Wash watered down Brown Ink

Misc. Metal Bits
Basecoat Tarnished Brass(Reaper Master Series Paint)
Highlight Tarnished Brass : Boltgun Metal (2:1)
Wash Gryphonne Sephia or Chestnut Ink Watered Down

Wooden Barrels
Basecoat Scorched Brown
Highlight Scorched Brown : Bestial Brown (1:1)
Highlight Bestial Brown
Wash slightly watered down Brown Ink

Leather Pouches
Same as Barrels except additional Highlight Bestial Brown : Snakebite Leather (1:1) before wash

Steel Drums
Basecoat Boltgun Metal
Add Rust with watered down Blazing Orange : Bestial Brown (1:1)
Wash with Badab Black
Wash with Devlan Mud

Misc. Hoses and Wires
Basecoat Coppery Orange(Reaper)
Wash Gryphonne Sephia

Basecoat gravel Scorched Brown
Drybrush Bubonic Brown
Light Drybrush Bleached Bone

Paint rim of base Catachan Green

Basecoat Marsh area Chaos Black
Add Static Grass and Matte Varnish model before brushing Gloss Varnish on Marsh area

Okay, I think that's everything. Seems long winded once I actually got to writing it down. I hope to get the painting time down to under 1 1/2 hours as I progress through this project which is going to be slowed dramatically(have to work a couple 80+ hour weeks at least starting now, so probably no painting for a while). Gonna wait til reklawsj post his two 1500 pt Salamander list before posting a quick battle report of our weekend games.

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  1. OK you've teased us quite enough with your test model pics...time to snap some more good shots and POST 'EM UP!

    I'm really digging you paint scheme...looking forward to seeing more...