Friday, May 1, 2009

Soul Drinkers: Post-Transformation Sarpedon Conversion

I didn't really have anything current to post today, so I thought I would show some pics of a conversion I did many years ago when I first read the Soul Drinkers series of 40k novels. I really liked reading these books about a chapter that had "accidentally" went renegade. After reading I started toying around with some bits I had lying around and come out with this Sarpedon conversion. While I did start painting this model, I was unhappy with how it was coming out so I just stopped and never went back. If I ever re-visit this chapter he will definitely get a reprime and paint, oh and a new plastic tabbard from SM kits(they didn't really have those when I made this model). I tried to capture as much detail of Sarpedon from the novel as I could with my poor sculpting skills. I added his nalwood force staff, white bolter, chalice on shoulder pads, and a not so great looking psychic hood.

Well thats all for this post, hopefully next I can put some more current progress I am making with Project DeathGuard and some IG lists with the new book as soon as I pick it up and read thoroughly.

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  1. That is very well done - I really like it! Keep up the great work!