Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Project DeathGuard: Finally Some Rhino Pics

Finally had a chance to get some pics of the 4 rhinos I built over the weekend. The pics below only show one of the four because all four have the same conversions just with slight variations to the wires going into barrels and the torso used for the gunner. The gunner was made by sawing a Plague Marine in half and attaching him to the gunner legs. The gunner arms are pinned so they will move up and down with the gun. For ease of painting the gunner, pintle combi-melta and the twin-linked bolter are not glued. I feel like my greenstuff skills are still severely lacking(at least it's nurgle, so maybe I can get away with it) but hopefully painting can make up for some of the inconsistencies. Also at the bottom is a pic of my daemon prince after filling the unsightly gap in his upper torso.

Now that I have my 1500 pt list built I hope to have these models based and primed by this weekend and maybe get painting on a test model. I am still torn on the color scheme I plan on using. This indecision is also keeping me away from painting.

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