Thursday, May 14, 2009

Outflanking Space Marines 1500 pt List

Lately I've been thinking about how an outflanking Space Marine army would do. For my Crimson Fists army I want to have the options to do an all scout for(pretty much) that could do this but will have to wait for Land Speeder Storm and get some more SM Scout Bikers to accomplish this. However, in the meantime I am going to try the following list using Khan as my HQ to get the all outflanking dedicated transports. I will be able to mostly use models I already have built and the army will still be Crimson Fists just with Khan rules as stand-in for my character. Here goes the list:

Khan - 160 pts

Assault Terminators - 200 pts
5 with Lightning Claws

Sternguard Squad 1 & 2(both same loadout) - 235 pts ea
6 Sternguard
2 Combi-Meltas
Twin-linked Lascannons

Tactical Squad 1 & 2(both same loadout) - 210 pts ea
10 Space Marines
Missile Launcher

Heavy Support
Land Raider Redeemer - 250 pts

2 Scoring Units
7 KillPoints
1500 pts

The plan for this army is to pair up Khan and the Assault Termies and put in the Redeemer. I know TH/SS termies are better but I don't want to waste the Furious Charge on goes last weapons. With the lightning claws I get Str 5 and Init. 5 on the charge out of the LR with re-rolls to wound and if the opponents survive 2 rounds I can use Hit Run and get all the bonuses again to finish them off. Also, with outflanking I may actually get to fire the flamestorm cannons before the LR is shot down. The tactical squads are objective holders/light infantry killers and the Sternguard will use the necessary ammunition to eliminate iminate threats while their razorback taxis take out tanks from the side or rear if lucky. I think this army could be strong with some lucky reserve rolls or it could get destroyed if it comes on piecemeal. In larger games would like to add Tigurius to make it more reliable coming on when and where I want. Either way I like the feel of this army, with it playing completely different from my usual tactics of more guns=more kills.


  1. You need to list the landraider with the Assault marines to get it as their dedicated transport so they can outflank in it.

    This list will get murdered by the new guard with their fleet advisors essential destroying your whole plan for something like 50 points.

    I would also probably replace one of the sternguards with a biker squad so you have at least one unit that can really get across the board when there are outflanking problems.

  2. They can always just come on from my board edge or be started on the board like any other mechanized marine army and still be successful. Either way, at least I have 700 guardsmen sitting around to play with if it goes south for me.