Friday, May 22, 2009

Project DeathGuard: More Plague Marine Pics

Below are the pics of my next two squads of 7 Plague Marines with 2 plasma guns and a champion with powerfist and personal icon. If you notice the banner on the first champion is not centered in the second pic it's because i just have a pin there so I can remove the banners for transport purposes or to save some points if I don't want the icon. The backpacks are the same random mix of steel drums and wooden barrels with guitar string randomly inserted into the barrels and bodies. To see some close-ups of models with these check out my other Plague Marine Pic post, I forgot to snap some close-ups of these units. Also, at the bottom I have added a pic of a test base I have in progress. This will be painted with a couple drybrushes to the sand, then add some marsh colors to the empty area. After static grass and matte varnish, I plan on adding gloss varnish to the marsh area. This basing style will be used throughout the army.

In other news, last night I built four rhinos for these units. Just gotta add my greenstuff and steel drums to these. If anyone has any ideas on how to add a combi-melta to these I would appreciate it. It looks like if I add these the rhino will be armed with a combi-bolter and combi-melta and I need to figure out how to get all these bits. Has anyone done this? This weekend I hope to finish the rhinos and base all models built to this point and maybe start some priming if I have time.

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  1. For a combi melta you can add a melta barrel to the bottom of a bolter and then a small fuel tank for the melta.

    I really like them, cant wait to see pics of the rhinos.

    For the base you could add a thin layer of epoxy or something so it stands up off the base a bit. If you mix epoxy with paint and paint everything else first you wouldnt have to paint it shiny because it already would be. You could also add ripples easier then. :D