Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Project DeathGuard: Quick Update

Over the weekend I finished all four of my rhinos for my units and touched up some gaps on the daemon prince with greenstuff. Yesterday, I gave the whole army a quick scrub with warm soapy water to prepare for priming. Before priming I plan on getting all my bases to the point of my test base. I will try to get pics of the rhinos taken and posted in the next couple days, then it's just a wait for good weather to prime(it has been raining for 4 days now).

In other news, I received a shipment from The Warstore that included a Chaos Space Marine Renegade Strike Force, a Space Marine Razorback, and a box of Chaos Terminators. Out of the Strike Force box I am using some of the CSM to flesh out a couple units of my Night Lords I have from 3rd edition to bring them into the new ruleset. Also, I'm gonna build the terminator lord with pair of lightning claws for Night Lords. The Land Raider will house Huron Blackheart and 9 Chosen converted with Space Wolf bitz to begin my small Red Corsair Army. The remaining CSM will be combined with a SM box to build a large unit of CSM Red Corsairs led by Fabius Bile all with individual chapter livery vying for Huron's support. The Rhinos and the Razorback were built for Project Deathguard along with another I already had. The Vindicator will be added to my Crimson Fists to make a Linebreaker Squadron. The terminator boxes are awaiting a couple sets of DeathGuard termie torsos from Forgeworld to be built in a unit of seven for Project Deathguard. The 3 remaining termies are being used to flesh out a 10 man termie retinue I have for Abaddon. The Defiler, 3 remaining Forgeworld torsos, 3 extra Typhus models and some old LotR stuff will be sacrificed to the Ebay gods to expand the Red Corsair Army and Crimson Fists. Also, waiting for shipment from Forgeworld are a couple Nurgle Sorcerers and DeathGuard Dreadnought with twin-linked lascannons and ccw.

I know that is a lot to do but I'm gonna start painting Project DeathGuard by end of next week now that I have my 1500 pt list completely built and just work in some of these build projects in between to keep me sane.

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