Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Project DeathGuard: Plague Marine Pics

I finished building and converting these two squads over the weekend and finally had time to take some pictures last night. Each squad consists of seven Plague Marines, two with meltaguns and a champion with powerfist and personal icon(banner). All models are the GW metal Plague Marines with no conversions to the models themselves. The only conversions made are the backpacks that are to resemble barrels of pus that they generate their power from. Some of these barrels are plastic barrels leftover from my Ogre Kingdoms army while the others are built from plasti-tube and some half round plasti-rod. It probably took me longer just to make these barrels than to build the models. After finishing the models I drilled a hole in the model in a random area and added a guitar while going into the barrel as you can see in some of the close-ups.

Now I only have to build two more squads each with two plasmaguns and champion with powerfist and personal icon. Then four rhinos and a daemon prince and then time for some paint to get this 1500 pt list onto the table.


  1. That's a lot to paint, you've defintely got your work cut out for you.

  2. Nice conversions, sir. I would personally have done them all with plasticard barrels, they look great!