Monday, November 8, 2010

Chaos Lord on Juggernaut Conversion #1

Okay, this is the first of three Chaos Lords I have converted on Juggernauts.  These will be used as Wolf Lords on Thunderwolves of course.  I have had these built for a while and Black Matt over at Black Matt's Black Legion Blog had posted a few pics of my stuff including some of these.  Since then I have found some small chain at the trusty Wal-mart and added this.  These are built to simulate riding a bull standing up(yeah no easy cover saves with these, oops).  The real purpose is that I can now just pop these off(they're only pinned with no glue) and use them on normal bases as Chaos Lords, well and I am a little lazy and didn't want to source proper legs for sitting, sculpting saddle, etc.  

This first one is armed with a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield and the usual goodies.  He is built with parts from several ranges of GW minis.  The hammer is from Ogre Kingdoms, the shield is a Fantasy Chaos warrior one, the backpack is old school CSM, the right arm is old school Possessed arm(muscled to handle weight of hammer), wolf pelt from older Space Wolves set, head is Fantasy Chaos Warrior, chain tabbard is Chaos Terminator Lord kit, legs are from Khorne Berzerker kit, shoulderpads are Forgeworld Khorne Berzerkers, and that's about all I remember.  I wanted to make the bases on these more dramatic using some cork tile and old Rhino door.  This gives him a very aggressive pose which I like.  This is the most feral and menacing looking one I made and probably my favorite of the three(two of which I will be posting later this week).  Below are a couple more views.


Well, that's the first one of the three.  I'll have the others up in the next couple days.  I hope you like it, even if the standing pose is a little ridiculous and over the top.

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