Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chaos Lord on Juggernaut Conversion #2

Here is the second of my Chaos lord on Juggernaut conversions.  This fella is armed with a Frost Blade and Storm Shield, plus extra goodies I don't remember because they are not modeled.  Again I built up the base with cork tiles to give a little more intimidating stance to the model.  To be honest this is my least favorite of the three for some reason. 

This model also has a collection of parts from many ranges listed below:
Legs are CSM
Torso front is also CSM
Torso back is from older Space Wolf sprue
Shield is from Fantasy Warriors of Chaos as the other
Head is Khorne Berzerker
Backpack is CSM
Chain is from Wal-mart
Loincloth(chain?) is from CSM
Shoulderpad is Khorne Berzerker plastic
Left arm is CSM bolter arm
Right arm is Fantasy Marauder arm
Frost Blade is bit from Be'lakor the Fantasy Daemon Prince(you used to be able to bit order awesome bitz like this, so I've had it for a while)

I think that is all the bitz used in construction.  I am very poor in the Green Stuff Fu department so most of my conversions are really just kit bashes that I try to blend together to make a cohesive looking figure.  There are a couple more views below.

Well, there you go a quicker post than my usual ramblings.  I'll get the third guy up tomorrow with a group shot and the Chaos Fenrisian Wolves I'm using.

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