Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Hobby List of the Week": Nightlords Jump List

This week I'm gonna post some more Chaos stuff as they are the awesome.  This is a Nightlords list that I have mostly built.  However, this list uses the Blood Angels Codex to fit the theme of fast raiding Nightlords.  Above is my version of Dante, who will lead the army.  I am working on getting the parts to convert up the unit of Sanguinary Guard in the same style, all with Possessed wings.  

My outlook on the Nightlords gives me the impression that they would just fall from the sky under cover of darkness, all the while yelling obscenities and smashing right into the enemy.  They are very stealthy and do lightning fast raiding then withdraw.  The Blood Angels allows this perfectly.  They can have all jump infantry as troops and with Descent of Angels can take a few risk getting close on the drop.  Check out the list:



Sanguinary Guard x 5 - 1 with Banner, 1 with powerfist, 3 with infernus pistols

Sanguinary Priests x 3 - All 3 have jumppacks - 1 with powerweapon & hand flamer - 1 with powersword - 1 with powerfist

Assault Squad x 10 - 2 with meltaguns - Srg with powerweapon

Assault Squad x 10 - 2 with flamers - Srg with pair of lightning claws

Assault Squad x 10 - 2 with meltaguns - Srg with powerfist

Assault Squad x 10 - 2 with plasma pistols - Srg with powerweapon & plasmapistol

2,000 pts
50 models
10 killpoints 
5 scoring units

I have already built the 40 raptors that I am using as Assault marines for this army.  In fact, I built these during 3rd edition when the Chaos codex had special rules for Nightlords players allowing this many.  I swapped a couple special weapons, but otherwise they are the same as before.  I have also converted a Sanguinor and Dante from Possessed parts and will do the same for the Sanguinary Guard and probably same for priest with modifications.  I think all of these are easily recognizable as their Blood Angel counterparts and should have little bearing on gameplay with most opponents.

For this list I chose a couple of high points costs HQs.  I know I could swap Sanguinor for another whole unit of raptors but that would require 10 more models and money.  Plus he is pretty awesome and if anything will give something to soak wounds for army since they drop and sit for a turn.  I took a fair amount of special weapons and with some good drops should be able to knock down a few tanks or key enemy units initially.  Dante will drop with Sanguinary Guard and infernus pistols to pretty much guarantee dead target on drop.  The priests will be split up around the army to offer their services of course.  Pretty much the plan is drop as much stuff in the opponents face as possible, then weather the storm and hopefully have enough left to finish the job.  If not, whatever, it's a game and this style will offer a great story at least.

I obviously like this list as I am currently building it, so let me know what you think.  And I know just another jump army, but at least it's Chaos and not a bunch of followers of the False Emperor.


  1. Well at least you didn't jump on the counts-as Space Wolves band wagon...

    It seems no one wants to play Chaos Space Marines any more!

  2. @GDMNW: Sorry to disappoint you but I have jumped on the Space Wolf bandwagon to. If you play Chaos there is no reason not to branch out to other Space Marine Codexes. While I will say the Chaos dex is still a very strong contender on the tabletop, it is getting a little long in the tooth and a little boring I would say. If you're a longtime Chaos player it's likely you have every unit in the book already and branching out to other codexes allows us to build some new units and conversions not possible before. It's really about keeping you excitement level up about your favorite army while waiting on a new shiny codex with new bells and whistles(Sorry Necron Players with your one troop choice). The new codexes have so many variant builds to choose from that are new and exciting to use in this edition.