Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chaos Lord on Juggernaut Conversion #3

Here is the last of my three Chaos Lords on Juggernauts.  This guy is armed with Wolf Claw, Storm Shield and usual.  Again I built up the base to give the "unit" a cohesive look.  Now for the bitz used in this one if you care.

Legs are plastic Khorne Berzerker
Torso is FW Khorne Berzerker
Head is also FW Khorne Berzerker
Backpack is CSM
Right arm is Raptor Lightning Claw arm
Left arm is CSM bolter arm
Shield is Fantasy Warriors of Chaos
Left Shoulderpad is FW Khorne Berzerker

So not as many different parts as last.

Another short post today.  I hope tomorrow to get up my new list for my new series "Hobby List of the Week" that I started last week.

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