Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Hobby List of the Week": Iron Warriors

For this week's Hobby list I'm heading back in the Chaos direction, but this time actually using the Chaos Codex.  Also, this week I am trying to come up with a format for this weekly post that makes sense instead of my usual ramblings.  I am trying to use the following "template" when posting these.

Fluff Thoughts/Considerations
Army List
Conversion/Modelling Ideas
Tactical Thoughts/Ideas

This week I'm going with an Iron Warriors theme.  I feel like the Iron Warriors should carry weapons that will bust aside heavy fortifications.  This means meltas up close and lascannons from afar, but also with flamers to clear bunkers and the like.  This gives a variety of options, so more modelling possibilities.  I also think they should have very advanced technology that is augmented by service to Chaos.  This means bionics, custom force fields, Obliterators, etc.  On with the list:

Fabius Bile

Dreadnought with twin-linked lascannons, missile launcher and extra armor

Chaos Terminators x4 - Combi-melta/Powerfist, Combi-melta/Power weapon, Heavy Flamer/Chainfist,     Combi-bolter/Power weapon - All with Mark of Tzeentch
Dedicated Transport - Land Raider with extra armour for termies and Fabius Bile

CSM x10 - Champ with Powerfist/meltabombs, Plasmagun, Lascannon, Icon of Chaos Glory-Fabius Bile Enhancements
Dedicated Transport - Rhino

CSM x 10 - Champ with Powerfist/meltabombs, 2 meltaguns, Icon of Chaos Glory-Fabius Bile Enhancements
Dedicated Transport - Rhino

Lesser Daemons x 10

Predator - Twin linked lascannons, Lascannon sponsons, extra armor

Vindicator - extra armor

Obliterators x 3

2,000 pts
44 models
3 scoring units
12 killpoints

Okay, so some of those were obvious choices for Iron Warriors, i.e. the Dreadnought, Predator, Land Raider, Vindicator, and Obliterators.  I chose Fabius Bile as I think his enhancements could be modelled as "tech enhancements" that augments the squads abilities, instead of "organic enhancements".  I would also convert some sort of tech priest gone Chaos like fellow to represent Fabius Bile.  Also I gave the Terminators the mark of Tzeentch, not because they worship him, but because I think this would show better technology gives better invulnerable save to the termies.  The Lesser Daemons were the last part of the modelling to show technology.  These could all be modelled as Chaos like servitors that are teleported into battle using the Icons(teleport homers) in the units.

This army also wouldn't be terrible on the tabletop.  It is essentially "meched up", with the addition of Oblits and Daemons deepstriking in at some point.  The Vindicator, Predator and Dreadnought hug cover and blast things to pieces.  I also like to use a unit like the plasmagun/lascannon one to park on objectives and blast their weapons from the hatch.  After one turn of movement they have good range and strength to take down high armor targets.  They can also be supported by the daemons if need be.  The other unit rolls out with the Land Raider to get in opponents face and take down targets with melta, fists, etc.  They could also be supported by daemons if they get in trouble and the other unit is in good shape.  Either of these units can be supported by deepstriking Obliterators if you choose to reserve them.  Pretty simple army with tools to deal with anything if used correctly.

If I had to reduce the size of this army I would start by dropping the Predator and maybe an Obliterator or some daemons to get to 1,750 pts.  Going up to 2,500 I would probably add more Termies in a Landraider and try to squeeze in a Summoned Greater Daemon modelled up into some sort of  high tech daemon engine.

Well, theres another list that would be neat to build and play, offering something for the hobbyist and gamer in me.  I love building and converting models and making army lists that fit the fluff of the chosen army.  However, when I play I do not want to lose every game, so my lists never get neutered to the point of pure fluff/theme.  And if I am going to lose, I would rather not lose with the "best list on the internet" because that will get you picked on.

What do you think?  Crappy list and theme or fit okay with the use of Fabius Bile.

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