Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Hobby List of the Week": Biker Boyz

This week I am going to throw out a small Ork list, mainly because I have been very busy and it should be a quick write-up.  I'm sure this exact list has been built and played to death, but it fits my "Hobby List" theme perfectly.  This list is based around the Nob Biker concept, super-low model count(for Orks) and awesome chance for conversions and personality.  I feel that by the time a Nob takes up being part of a biker mob he has collected trophies and earned enough teef that each would have something that sets them apart from the others.  Whether this be a nice gun, trophies, armour, bits and bobs on the bike, whatever.  Well, on with the list.

Nob Biker List

Warboss - Warbike, Power Klaw, Shoota-scorcha, cybork body, eavy armour, bosspole
Warboss - same as above
Nob Bikers x 10 - Painboy with Orderly - All have Cybork bodies - 4 have power klaws - 3 have shoota-scorchas - all have eavy armour - Waagh Banner - Bosspole - 2 with Big Choppas
Nob Bikers x 10 - all same as above but only 2 with shoota-scorchas
Kommandos x 13 - Snikrot - 2 with Burnas

2,000 pts
35 models
5 Killpoints
2 Scoring Units

As far as modelling this list goes. First you would spread around the wargear to help with wound allocation in the list.  This army would need to be heavily converted as there are no real Nob biker models except for a few Forgeworld ones that could be sprinkled in.  Also, converting up and painting some awesome Ork ninjas(Kommandos) would also be fun.  Would be a fun list overall to model up and paint as each model needs character to fit the storyline of the Orks.  And you could probably bash a few skulls with this on the tabletop to.

This list could be played full reserves or start 2 bike squads on table and let the other guy worry about what Snikrot and his boyz will do when they come in behind you.  Turboboost first turn to a flank and second turn start chewing the other guy up in combat.  Hopefully, you will be able to multi-charge units where possible, because you don't want to own the unit in your turn and get rapid fired on by an entire army in the next.  With the klaws and furious charge you should be able to give the razorback and chimera parking lots a bit of worry, well if they didn't shoot down most of your army first turn.  Of course just a few nobs and a warboss are pretty bad news if all you have in the tanks are 5 man marine squads and guardsmen.  I like how this list just gives two "hard as nails" targets on the board and another scary unit coming in behind the opponent's army.  The bikers should be in combat by turn 2 and the Kommandos are just there to support the side that takes the most punishment early game.

Well, hope you see where I will continue to head with this "Hobby List of the Week" thing.  I am trying to think of a semi-template to help control my ramblings.

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