Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Hobby List of the Week": Introduction

Forgeworld Berzerkers with Landraider

One of my favorite parts of the hobby is to write up lists.  I am always scheming some kind of list from various army books depending on which Codex I am reading at the time.  I always buy every codex and army book for 40k and Fantasy and read each cover to cover.  While I don't always have time to sit down and build/paint models, I do usually spend 15-30 minutes reading each night before bed.

Where I differ as more of a hobbyist than gamer is that I like to write up lists that fit what I have read, not what will kick butt on the table(though I want some nuts in my list because I don't like to lose every time I play either).  I enjoy making lists and building a cool looking army to fit the "theme" that I am going for.  I have stacks of lists written and not all get built of course.  I thought I would start a weekly post showing these lists that I am always writing up.  I will just call this "Hobby" instead of "Theme" because I want to show lists that would be fun to build  and offer lots of conversion for hobby minded gamers.  "Theme" lists get thrown around a lot nowadays and not everyone's idea of a theme list is the same as mine(like 34 plasmaguns in IG army is NOT a theme list to me).  Below I will show a list I came up with to introduce what I will try to put across each week.  I plan on showing a list and giving some ideas for the conversions/model choice and fluff aspects of said list.  I am shooting for 2,000 pt lists each week and will give ideas on what to trim or add to change the size of the army.

The first one I will start with is a Khorne-themed and modeled Chaos army, but using the Blood Angels Codex.  The list will show why I think this codex choice is appropriate.

Astorath the Grim
     Use the Astorath model for this shaving BA symbols.  This model is Chaos looking and opens up the Death Company to more than 0-1.

Reclusiarch - plasma pistol - meltabombs
     Use the Kharn the Betrayer model for this.  He will add some hitting power and rerolls on everything for the Death Company unit he joins.

Sanguinary Priest - Terminator Armor
     For this use the Forgeworld Lord Zhufor model, which looks sweet.  Give Feel No Pain and Furious Charge to Terminator unit.

Assault Termies x7 - 6 with Lightning Claws - 1 with Thunderhammer & SS(maybe 5 to 2, not sure)
     Dedicated Transport - Land Raider Crusader - Multimelta
          This unit would be converted using Chaos Termies and Forgeworld Khorne Termie Torsos and the Landraider would be a Space marine Crusader with Chaos bits and Forgeworld doors.

Death Company x 8 - 1 with powerweapon, 1 with powerfist
     Dedicated Transport - Land Raider Redeemer - multimelta
         This unit would be converted with CSM and the Forgeworld World Eater Torso set.  Landraider converted like above.  Also uses Khorne's lucky number of eight in the unit.

Death Company x 8 - 1 with powerweapon, 1 with powerfist
     Dedicated Transport - LandRaider
          Same modelling as above.

2,000 pts
10 Killpoints
30 models
0 Scoring Units

Okay, so that's the small model count, no scoring unit, triple landraider rush list.  Yes it will probably get crushed every game played in your head where every opponent is packing a Leafblower style IG list.  Okay, realistically in normal gaming environments with your friends, this would be a very fun list to run.  And with such a low model count you can go crazy with all Forgeworld stuff, detailed paintwork or other nice conversions.  The Blood Angels Codex fits the Khorne theme very nicely and the ruleset makes these guys crazy bloodthirsty killers, which is what you should be going for in a Khorne-oriented army.

I will flesh out this "Hobby List" idea more in the coming weeks with a wide variety of lists from several codexes.  This was just a quick rundown of some of the ideas I have in store for this weekly posts.

How do you feel about building armies, would you rather build a super-competitive army that crushes all the teenagers at the FLGS or build a sweet looking, low model count list that puts every part of the hobby to the test.  Personally, this is one of my favorite list from those I have written, as it would look awesome on the table, and each model could get extra attention.  KILL, MAIM, BURN.

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  1. Definately an awesome concept!
    I love stand-in armies anyway, because I am building one, but this really fits the chaos theme to the BA rules!!!!

    I also prefer low model count since I paint so slow :D (lets the army be painted in a more detailed fashion too)